The Past Week

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Well, as you can see, my belly keeps growing! This was Sunday, the 3rd. I was 25 weeks. (I’m over 26 weeks now.) I truly feel as big as I was at 9 months with Maggie, but the scale and the measuring tape say otherwise. This picture was taken just outside our front door. You can see the windchime behind my head. Maggie likes to hit it to make music.

The Picture above is Maggie right after we returned from church Sunday. Can you see her sleepy eyes? She is always ready for a nap when we get home from church – and so are we!

She Loves her bath time!

This is a new development this week. Maggie has figured out how to open the cabinet doors, so here she is, dragging things out of the cupboard.

And with her shades, she’s ready for the day! Who needs clothes?

What else is new? She’s started walking. We’ll have to put together a clip of video from her walking and eating birthday cake. For now, I’ve gotta run – to catch up with her!

2 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Mel

    So when’s Lily due to come into this big world?

    Update’s needed.. :) Hope you all are doing well and that mommy and soon to be here Lily are doing well..

    love to you all


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