A Happy Easter Day

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Yesterday was Maggie’s First Easter! In the car on the way to church, Jeff told her the Easter story, and why we celebrate. The church service yesterday was incredible!!

Afterwards, we came home, took some family pictures, and then it was nap time!!

Later in the evening, we spent time with family, and it was a relaxing day.

Some may wonder why we did not have an easter egg hunt, or any of the other traditional activities. Well, since Maggie is not yet at an age to really be able to enjoy the egg dying and egg hunting, we decided that a relaxing day just celebrating the resurrection was best.

How did YOU celebrate?

3 thoughts on “A Happy Easter Day

  1. Carsons Inc.

    LOVE the dew!!! Great job!!! Ya’ll look so cute! Can’t wait to see ya soon!! Mr. Tall Head called the other day and we’re having dinner with them soon. we’ll plan a get together with all of us when you come. so much to do in so litte time.

  2. Mel

    Hey you guys,

    We had a quiet easter as well. Just had house church and then came home and cleaned and got ready for a friend to come for a visit. I love seeing your updates and Shannon, I love the hair- it looks so GREAT! – I have to say, little Maggie sure is looking alot like her daddy these days.

    Sure miss you all!
    love to you three soon to be 4:)

  3. Ginger

    Our Easter was great. Check out our blog to see some pics.

    Maggie looks too cute! We have to get together before she starts kindergarten!!!!!!!



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