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14 1/2 Weeks

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For those of you who just groan when a pregnant woman speaks in weeks – that’s about 3 1/2 months. Suffice it to say I’m cruising along in my 2nd trimester now.

This was my 1st attempt to capture the belly profile earlier today.

Then I figured out how to go through the menu and find the “timer” mode on this camera. Now, you may be thinking that’s a pretty big belly for only 3 1/2 months, but usually this is what happens with your 2nd pregnancy – especially when you didn’t give yourself much time to loose the “baby weight” you gained in the 1st pregnancy! Which is definitely my situation! On the up-side, you usually start feeling the baby move earlier in your 2nd pregnancy than you did in your first, so I should start feeling this baby’s little hands and feet in the next week or so.

Although we’d technically be able to find out the gender in mid-April, we have to wait until May 2nd because we couldn’t get an earlier appointment. So only 42 more days until we find out if we’re having a son or another daughter!

Maggie, however, is a happy girl no matter what. We spent some time outside this morning trying to capture her picture in this cute little outfit her mimi (Jeff’s stepsister) bought her. It’s one of those cute outfits that has a criss-cross in the back. I have a pattern for it, so I’m going to try to make her a few more for the summer.

We have a picture of Jana (Jeff’s sister) in an outfit like this when she was about Maggie’s age. I tried to scan it in for you, but that launched me into an hour-long session of non-responsive programs and restarting the computer twice, so you’ll just have to make the comparison another time. Sometimes technology does not cooperate with a busy mom’s life!

One last thing: Jeff and I will be hosting a live program online for our church tonight, if any of you will be home at 7pm central. Just go to and click on the live stream.

Until then, the Hazletons wish you a happy day!

Sitting Pretty Today

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We determined that Maggie finally has enough hair to hold a bow. It’s so soft that the newborn bows would just slide right out. So yesterday, we went in search of a “big girl” bow. What do you think about this one? It’s like a carnation on top of her head!

So, it’s mid-March now; do you know what that means in SE Texas? It’s almost summer! The highs have been in the mid 70’s – gorgeous! Much nicer than the smoldering heat to come in later months. So we are taking advantage of the nice weather by spending time outdoors going for walks, re-potting the flowers, etc. Maggie loves it outside – here she is in her new summer outfit.

This is a typical pose for her, by the way. There’s always something going into her mouth, which means we have to vacuum constantly, and we CANNOT take our eyes off her!! She and I are often in a race across the floor to get to some piece of food from last night’s supper, or little snack she dropped from her high chair earlier in the day. How does she spot those things?

She’s sitting on a “vintage” baby blanket that used to belong to her Daddy and Aunt Jana.

Hope you guys are enjoying spring as much as we are!


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(First, a small disclaimer)
Okay. So, we have 2 cameras. Our small video camera, and our old-faithful Sony. (Of course, we do have another Cannon Rebel, but we’re strictly talking digital here.) I prefer the Sony. Yes, it’s heavy and dated, but it takes fantastic pictures. The “other” camera, as I often refer to it, is small, portable, good for video – but in my opinion takes far inferior shots.

Now, for some reason, we have mysteriously lost the power source that recharges the good Sony camera. Thus, leaving us no way to retrieve the good pictures stored up on that camera. I made one last mad search of the house this morning, but to no avail. So, you are stuck with mediocre pics today – sorry! That tirade aside, on with the post!

Things are changing in the Hazleton House!

As you can see this girl is getting BIG!! Maggie is now crawling, pulling up, and into EVERYTHING!! Just before I sat down to write this, I had to re-direct her from pulling books off the bottom shelf of the bookcase. When we sit down and put her toys back in the toy-bin, she loves to pull them out as fast as I put them in.

This was one of my FAVORITE moments from earlier in the week. When I lay Maggie down for a nap, she usually fusses and tumbles around in her crib before falling asleep. On this particular day, she was sitting up, and just leaned over and fell asleep. I found her like this several minutes later! I had to leave the room several times while trying to take the picture, because I had to laugh out loud!

Please don’t think I’m a cruel mom – I DID move her to a more comfortable position – AFTER I took pictures! hehe.

In that top picture, she’s eating a teething biscuit – I love those things, and she does too. She gets it all over her face. In her opinion, the messier the meal is, the better! I can’t believe how fast she is growing. Here she is (below) eating her Valentine’s Day card her Daddy got her. I guess the way to her heart is through her stomach!

Maggie is not the only thing changing in our household. While Jeff is still remodeling houses we were hoping to extend our own living space. While this two-bedroom apartment is lovely, we will definitely need more space soon – like in mid-September – when Maggie becomes a BIG SISTER!

Yep! For those of you who didn’t already know, we are expecting – again! Now don’t go asking us how that happened- I think you know. Truthfully, we are thrilled to be having them close together, though I’m sure I don’t have a clue what we’re in for. They will be 15 months apart. We’ll find out next month if we’re having a boy or girl!

So, I guess that’s all the major news for now. I promise we’ll write again soon, but now I have to run after a busy little girl!