“The Chosen One”

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So, I’ve been chosen. My friend Hollie “Blog-tagged” me for this little game. See, you’re supposed to list the 6 weirdest things about yourself, and then tag 6 of your friends to do the same.

So here goes… the 6 weirdest things about shannon…..

1. When I use a tissue or a napkin, I leave it balled up in my hand and forget I’m holding it. I’ve even walked out of a restaurant and gotten into the car without realizing I was holding a balled-up paper napkin. And Jeff finds balled-up tissues under the covers all the time because I will blow my nose in the middle of the night, and hold the tissue balled-up in my hand until I fall asleep.

2. I hate touching certain metals and all coins. I don’t like the way they make my hands smell. And I think coins are the dirtiest things in the world. When I have to use them, I always use hand sanitizer afterwards.

3. I have two different penmanships, depending on the style of pen, and how lazy my hand gets.

4. I have a very strange skin condition ( that I can’t even pronounce ). The collagen under the skin starts to deteriorate, leaving a “pocket” behind. So on my shoulders I have dozens of little marks on my skin that look like i’ve gotten a shot or a mosquito bite.

5. I can’t rub my fingernail across a piece of paper. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Sometimes people will fold a paper in half, and then use the forefinger and thumbnail to crease the fold. I have chills just thinking about it!

And last, but not least…..

6. I can’t step out of the shower onto the rug. I have to dry my feet first. If my wet feet touch the rug, I think that any dirt from the rug is going to stick to my feet. 😉

Well, now you know. I tag Teesa, Christian, Noel, Cheri, Brenda, and Jeff.

2 thoughts on ““The Chosen One”

  1. Mel

    Oh- An Update!! :)

    Hope you are able to update more often! Sure miss hearing how you all are doing and we really miss ya’ll on this side of the world.

    take care!

  2. dashadra

    Jeff and Shannon,
    Hi, this is Bonnie Layne. I met Jeff in Asia in ’01, I came with Lakeview Baptist from Auburn and then I met y’all again at SWBTS in the fall of ’04. I found Hugh’s blog and then I ran across the link for your blog. I am glad to see that things are going well for you and your new baby is so cute! Hope you have a great day!


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