The Lord Giveth… The thief Taketh Away

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Well, we weren’t expecting this! Jeff was about to walk out the door for work this morning, when the doorbell rang. It was our apartment manager telling us that someone had broken into our jeep last night!

Jeff took pictures, the cops came, and you can’t tell by this photo, but the perpetrator actually left behind some DNA! (Blood on the dashboard.) This whole scenario is funny for a few reasons:

1. As you can see, I was the last one to drive the car, so the seat is pulled forward. I’m sure it was an uncomfortable squeeze.

2. The thief probably would have gotten more money for the top-of-the line baby carrier, base and stroller in the back of the jeep than for that cd player he/she had to yank out of the dash.

3. They busted in the window, but if they had checked the handle, they would have realized we always leave the jeep unlocked! Ha!

Oh well. We were just comforted that they didn’t steal the carrier and stroller – or the jeep itself. So, even when the enemy tries to steal from us, we are still blessed!

2 thoughts on “The Lord Giveth… The thief Taketh Away

  1. Noel

    oh sheesh, i guess you don’t have to live in innner city baltimore to be the victim of some crack hungry thieves eh? i had my car “stolen” twice by the city here for a pricey $250 release price each time! I think i would have preferred the crack thieves. they’ll settle for a couple bucks. ha ha Miss you guys and think/pray for you often. that little girl of yours is just…precious.

  2. Carsons Inc.

    Oh no! That’s awful!! I will pray that there’s no expense on your part and that God would do great things. Yes, I’m so happy that the thief didn’t steal your baby goods.
    Love ya’ll!!
    p.s. someone has a birthday coming up!!


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