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This past weekend was so much fun! My mom, dad, and sister came and stayed with us Saturday, and we all woke up Sunday and went to church for Maggie’s baby dedication. Jeff’s mom and sisters were also there; and it was sent over the internet live for Jeff’s dad and stepmom to watch.

Here you can see Maggie’s “pretty princess dress” that her paw paw gave her. I loved it; jeff tolerated it!

See, I think Maggie liked it too! Jeff’s already outnumbered!

We all came back to our house for chili and cornbread afterwards. We even had some cooler weather to enjoy with our chili!!

Many of you have asked about Jeff’s Dad. He’s doing so much better, but has a long road of recovery ahead of him. He is out of ICU, in a recovery center. Thanks for your prayers; God is faithful!!

The Lord Giveth… The thief Taketh Away

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Well, we weren’t expecting this! Jeff was about to walk out the door for work this morning, when the doorbell rang. It was our apartment manager telling us that someone had broken into our jeep last night!

Jeff took pictures, the cops came, and you can’t tell by this photo, but the perpetrator actually left behind some DNA! (Blood on the dashboard.) This whole scenario is funny for a few reasons:

1. As you can see, I was the last one to drive the car, so the seat is pulled forward. I’m sure it was an uncomfortable squeeze.

2. The thief probably would have gotten more money for the top-of-the line baby carrier, base and stroller in the back of the jeep than for that cd player he/she had to yank out of the dash.

3. They busted in the window, but if they had checked the handle, they would have realized we always leave the jeep unlocked! Ha!

Oh well. We were just comforted that they didn’t steal the carrier and stroller – or the jeep itself. So, even when the enemy tries to steal from us, we are still blessed!

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This is the face of someone thrilled to finally have the internet again!

Yes, I feel like we’re re-connected to the rest of the world. Since we’re taking on some new responsibilities at our church (which I’ll tell you about in a minute) – we had to have easy access to the internet, so here we are.

Let’s catch up, shall we?

Well, yesterday, we had a huge storm come through. At one point, it was raining so loudly, I thought it was raining in the house. Turns out it was! Water was coming in Maggie’s bedroom window, pooling up in the window sill, and running down the wall. I thought it’d be a good idea to unplug the lamp from the socket right below the window!

But at least it wasn’t a hurricane, right? Other than the small flood we experienced, we’ve had the usual warm and humid southeast Texas weather.

In fact, here’s Maggie in her sunhat, enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. (For more on Maggie, click on her Baby Blog.)

Well, like I said, we’ve taken on some new responsibilities at the church. You know we’re no longer traveling for Project 237 – but now Jeff is researching and putting together trips and travel info for other folks in our church to take short term mission trips to carry the gospel proclamation to countries all over the world. How exciting is that?

We’re also going to be involved in writing sunday school curriculum for our church and our sister churches. An endeaver I’m both excited and anxious about. This is going to be a huge project. Pray for vision and inspiration – and TIME!

Tonight I’m working on Blogs and Bills – while Jeff and our friend Daniel are playing musical couches. We’re getting newer ones (yay!) and giving ours to Daniel and Lindsey. So theirs have to be moved out, our old ones moved to their house, and our news ones moved to our house.

Confused? That’s okay, suffice it to say that once again, we are blessed. I’ll show you pictures of the couches next time. For now, Miss Maggie and I have work to do!

The Latest

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Hello from San Antonio! Although I would love to vacation here, the usual R&R is not on the agenda. Jeff’s Dad (Charles) is in the hospital here, in the ICU with pnemonia in both lungs. We appreciate your prayers.

Since we’re staying in the local Howard Johnson, we’re taking advantage of the free internet! Oh, how I’ve missed having internet in our apartment. It’s amazing how much more difficult it is to keep in touch with friends and pay bills without it. [sigh]

Our little Mu will be four months old tomorrow! Wow, how time is flying. I’ve become one of “those” moms – you know – the ones who tell you about each and every little grunt, smile, and bowel movement their little treasure has made today. Well, I’ll spare you all the gory details and just sum it up – Maggie is growing!! Some days I wake up and think “did you change overnight?!” She is now starting to roll over, moved up a size in clothes, and begun “eating” rice cereal once a day. I use that term lightly, because it’s more like she sloshes the goop around in her mouth, and smiles at me as she pushes it out with her tounge and it oozes down her chin!

Oh, and I almost forgot – I turned another year older last Sunday! And not a hurricane in sight! We did enjoy some Thai food at a new restaurant in town.

Well, we love hearing from all of you. And we’re checking all your blogs every chance we get.
We love you. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
the hazletons
-does she look like her daddy or what?