The Newest Little Blessing

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Wow, we’re not kidding when we say we have a Blessed Life! The Bible says that blessings chase the Godly. Well, we consider ourselves “godly” because we’ve been made righteous by the blood of Jesus, and made right in the eyes of God. And it’s true – because we’re striving to follow in His ways and seek His Kingdom and we’re obedient to His commands – it seems like blessings actually CHASE us down. And we like being caught!

Our newest little blessing is, of course, Maggie. You can read more about her birth at our Baby Blog (see column to the right.)

Our friend Jessica took this picture of us the night before we went to the hospital to be induced.

Now we are a family of three!

We pray that blessings will chase you this week, and that you will have peace and hope. God is good – He has a great plan for our lives!

We love you,
The Hazletons

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